Monday, 15 October 2012

Brad's Beardless NHL Lockout Protest: Day 30

I'm officially putting Gary Bettman on notice.

I don't even miss hockey anymore.  In fact, if Bettman had any brains, he'd fucking get that CBA figured out immediately because at this point, I don't even know if I need hockey.

I'm on Day 15 of my George St-Pierre workout.  And I'm making that shit work, baby!  I'm on such a roll that I think hockey might just end up getting in the way of my cagefighter training.

Furthermore, my cagefighter training is rubbing off on other aspects of my life.  My vastly improved balance, weight loss and general conditioning has improved my curling game several times over.  I was such a dominant force during my first game of the year that we stopped keeping score after the 2nd end!  BOOM!  POW!

And I feel fucking awesome.  Full of energy.  Shit....I don't even realize I've stayed an hour late at work until someone mentions it....then I'm all like "Well shit...I gotta go home and Rushfit the hell out of everything."

And the other day I had a plate of broccoli for supper.  Broccoli.  Me!!!  WTF!?!?!

But what really has me thinking we don't need hockey was watching Felix Baumgartner, the baddest badass in awesometown take a balloon up to 128,000 feet and then JUMPING THE FUCK OUT!!!  If we had this kind of shit going on all the time, we wouldn't care about hockey and football and stuff.

I actually ended up watching the ascent, all two and a half hours, instead of watching my beloved NFL.  And I didn't regret a moment of it.  There was the badassness of the whole thing.  There was Science! running amok all over everything.  There was some pretty cool engineering.  And I was fully prepared to be let down when he finally did jump.  I thought that there was no way it would be as awesome as I hoped.  But I found myself fully captivated as Felix ran through his final checklist, popped the door open and looked out onto the abyss that man was about to make his bitch.  And it WAS EVERY MOMENT AS AWESOME AS I HOPED!

I honestly think this couldn't have come at a better time.  While the political right in the US seems to be waging an all out war against science, education and fancy book learning, slashing scientific research and general education budgets and waging a war of propaganda against all them fancy book learnin' folks with their fancy degrees that don't know nothin' 'bout the troubles of us honest workin' folk, Red Bull Stratos came and bitch slapped all of that shit down with authority.  They took Felix Baumgartner, professional badass, that has BASE jumped off Taipei 101 (tallest BASE jump) and the hand of the Christ the Redeemer statue (shortest BASE jump), strapped him aboard a capsule connected to a weather balloon, sent him up and had him jump out, breaking the sound barrier.

But while all this was going on, we got to see how awesome science is.  All the engineering work that went into the capsule design.  The constant flight path recalculations.  The accurate estimates on height, top speed, etc.  And the amount of preparation Felix had to do to prepare for the flight.  It was awesome and inspiring.

There needs to be more crazy ass awesome fucking shit like this.  Way more.  And we need to make big media spectacles of this stuff.  Because it's GODDAMN COOL and there is all sorts of other cool shit that kids watching this could aspire to be.  So let's do more of this shit.  We'll get Neil Degrasse Tyson involved.  If it takes a bunch more of the sweet Red Bull money, so be it.  Because society can only become a better place if we're watching more Red Bull Stratos and less Big Bang Theory or The Bachelor.  Shit, I wouldn't even need to watch hockey anymore.

You hear that Gary Bettman?

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