Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Brad's Beardless NHL Lockout Protest: Day 10

So, whilst I was angrily and frustratingly shaving, it donned on me that I only have one razor blade.  And considering the last time I purchased shaving equipment was probably sometime in 2006ish, it began to don on me that I'm probably way behind the razor technology curve.  I'm still rocking a Gilette Mach 3 that I got for free in some promotional handout of hygiene products way back during my first year of university.  I assume this handout was 10% promotional and 90% trying to get computer science students to use deodorant.

Back to the lockout, though.  If this thing drags out much longer I'm going to need to buy some more razor blades.  And I assume the Mach 3 is no longer in circulation.  I'm sure it was left in a cloud of dust during the great razor blade race of the mid-2000's.  I don't even know how many blades we're up to.  I assume we're probably around 6 by now.  Someone should do a study to determine the razor blade asymptote.


In other lockout news, the NFL referee lockout.....clusterfuck doesn't even do it justice.  I actually turned off the game Monday night about halfway through the fourth quarter.  There was a play where the Seahawks QB through a pretty good pass into one-on-one coverage.  The Green Bay corner, I believe it was Shields, covered the play brilliantly.  As a football fan, it was a thing of beauty how he kept pace stride for stride, turned around, located the ball and then made a brilliant play on it, breaking up the pass.  It was text book and one of those plays that makes me appreciate how talented some of these players are.  So of course the ref threw a pass interference flag on the play.  It was such a horrible call on such a well executed play that it was my breaking point.  I had to shut off the TV because these refs have basically reduced the game to "drunken, blindfolded hobo jacking off onto a dart board" levels of randomness.

And apparently it got worse.

After watching all the highlights, the big take away for me is that Pete Carroll is fucking clownshoes.  I say this because after the debacling by the refs during the Sunday night game, Harbaugh and Belichick met each other in the field and shook hands.  Both coaches seemed to give knowing looks that what just happened was a gong show and that the result of this game, outside of the standings, was basically meaningless in terms of one team or the other gaining any advantage in the decent rivalry building between the two teams.  Both coaches realized this was a potentially great game ruined by the officials and neither team was pleased with how it played out.

Carroll, meanwhile, was celebrating and fist pumping like a fucking moron and constantly refuses to acknowledge that the victory is a result of pure, dumb, incompetent luck.  Harbaugh, while definitely going to take the win, seems to have too much respect for the game, the players and the coaches he goes up against.  And this is why Carroll is clownshoes.

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